Design Farm Group NY/NJ | Philosophy

The philosophy behind our architectural and landscape design work is the starting point for every thoughtful element that will become a part of the home environment. Design creates the foundation for everything that follows.

It is our belief that developing a detailed, well-crafted plan is essential before the execution of the build and installation process. We collaborate closely with our clients and craftsmen to perform architectural and landscape design experiments on paper, not on the ground.

Houses and gardens are inextricably linked, with the key distinction that the design of the house almost always comes first. Consequently, this often results in the garden design being a response to that of the house. A strong landscape design, however, will give the impression of the house and garden having an integral unity and of having “grown up together”. We have a strong connection to landscapes that translates into and throughout the home environment. We aspire to harmoniously connect and integrate interior and exterior design elements.

Our process begins by meeting with each client and gathering information about their intent for the use and enjoyment of their home environment. We spend a lot of time listening and gathering information about the architectural style of the home, the typography of the land and create designs based on that style and the desired outcome. Each Design Farm project is completely different from the next, giving each home and property a special uniqueness.

Our goal is to honor the direction, desires and wishes of each client. Learning the client’s personal style and aesthetic is the nexus of establishing a respectful and solid relationship.